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Straight Browsing from the Library: HInder by Kirstin Ping

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Ethan SUTCLIFF is no normal seventeen-year-old, but he tries to be really hard. He is what witches call a Guardian, or a the easier term will be a Bender. Benders are crucial to elemental witches as they have the ability to bend their witches’ gifts. In Alex's case he is one of the rarest, an Earth Bender, but his witch is either dead or deep in hiding and Ethan needs to find whoever they are otherwise the witching race might be in danger.


On Ethan’s tenth birthday, exactly at the stroke of midnight, he had received his earth element. The connection between the earth and Ethan was so powerful, it had triggered an earthquake for a full three seconds.

Benders always received the full dose of their Wielders’ ability. For the next few years, Ethan would be able to wield the earth Element as well as bend it. For the next four years, we not only needed to find his Wielder, but also to keep him safe from the others.

Earth Wielders were a force of balance. They were the true leaders of all supernaturals. They had to stay pure. They carried within them the power for immense good… or if they fell, immense evil. If they lost their sense of balance, they could become Necrocretors. Necrocretors didn’t play by the rules. They broke and bent them as they pleased.

Everything Natalie and I did aimed toward keeping Ethan balanced and on the side of good.

The hardest test Ethan would face in his entire life would be if his Wielder turned out to be female. The resistance. Wielders and Benders could never be involved as a couple. And yet the pull is addictive. Strong. Even though it was against the law, many Wielders and Benders failed. I knew; I was one of them… a long time ago.

The rest of the supernaturals consisted of what humans called monsters, myths, and paranormal beings that made great characters of most fictional tales.

Ever since the jinns lost the chalice, they were no longer part of the race. When they lost the chalice about three hundred years ago, the earth Wielders took over completely. In the wake of the jinns’ collapse, there were ten who controlled everything, but one by one, they started to perish, and nobody knew why.

Lowest on the totem pole were the shifters. Once a shifter went rogue and became a Necrocretor, there was no turning back. Shifters were vicious and could turn into anyone with the same anatomy as theirs. Necrocretors loved gaining shifters.

It was why earth Wielder never reach that age, the age where their magic matures and stabilizes. The phase where they magic was powerful enough to reset the balance, to wipe the earth clean from all the evil inside the Necrocretors, from all the ugly, and to start uphold the law of not just the elements, but of all the supernaturals.

There hadn’t been someone like that in the past four hundred years.

It was why the Guardians, a supernatural human race, started with the Sentinels.

A group of five that would jump in when things get out of hand.

Sometimes I think they were a myth, as they haven’t jumped in yet.


Kristin resides in South Africa with her husband, two beautiful girls and two bulldogs that tries to eat her house. She has been writing for the past eight years and her first debut novel, Hinder: A Bender's novel will be published 2018 by Fire Quill Publishing.

When she isn't writing, she is spending her time with her family, or trying to teach her two bulldogs to not eat her house. You can find more about Kristin at



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Straight Browsing from the Library: The Unseducible Earl by Sheri Humphreys

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When an earl who’s given up on love and has settled on an engagement to a darling of society falls for a Crimean War nurse, he must either forsake his love or embroil them all in scandal.


The vicar cleared his throat. “Your point is well taken, my lord. But it sounds as if Miss Thorne was insulated in her prior situations, surrounded by a small number of accepting, perhaps even misguided, people who regarded her as an exception.” He directed his gaze to Miss Thorne. “As happy as I am to hear of the captain’s improvement, I feel I’d be remiss in my duty if I didn’t warn you to guard your conduct, ma’am.”

“She doesn’t need to guard her conduct,” Robb said. “If there’s gossip, you need to do your best to quell it. You wield a great deal of influence.”

“It’s difficult to dispute the fact she’s an unmarried woman and may have been performing acts of an intimate nature with an unmarried man.”

Miss Thorne set down her teacup and folded her hands. By turns looked each of them in the eye. “Every life I touch, I feel immensely privileged.” Her voice seemed at once measured, calm, and grave. “I’ve held the hands and looked in the eyes of the sick as they died, heard their last words, and been the last face they’ve seen. Vicar, I’m sure you know how sacred such moments feel. Sometimes I think that the gravely sick I care for, and I, somehow exchange little pieces of our souls.” She looked down for a moment, then lifted her head and a soft smile curved her lips. “Wherever they are, they each carry a little piece of me.”

The silence that followed filled Robb’s heart with something very sweet and good.

She’d brought tears to his mother’s eyes. Mother pressed a handkerchief to her eyes before asking the Newcome’s to go to the chapel and pray with her before they left. Newcome’s jaw looked capable of cracking walnuts. The conversation moved on a bit stiffly, turning to community news, but Robb barely heard their voices. He couldn’t take his eyes off Victoria Thorne. A woman who opened herself to the people in her care, who didn’t concern herself with the opinions others formed of her. The very opposite of himself.

“You’re in need of sunshine and fresh air, Miss Thorne,” he said. “Come riding with me this afternoon.”

“Oh.” Her cheeks flushed. “I should stay with your brother.”

“He’s been resting, hasn’t he? We won’t be gone that long. You do ride?”

Her grin nearly knocked him off his chair.


Sheri Humphreys used to be an Emergency Room nurse, but today applies bandages, splints, and slings to the characters of her Victorian romance novels. She loves to ignore yardwork and housework and read—usually a book every one to three days. Having conjured stories in her mind her entire life, she wondered if she were normal. Then she began putting stories to paper and became a two-time Golden Heart® finalist. She lives with a Jack Russell mix rescue, Lucy, in a small town on the central California coast.

A Hero to Hold received a prized Kirkus Star and was named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2016.



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Straight Chatting from the Library: The Man with the Crystal Ankh and The Girl Who Flew Away by Val Muller

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What is the favorite book you remember as a child?

I read and re-read The Hobbit (and later, The Lord of the Rings). The world Tolkien created pulled me in. It felt so natural—I suppose it’s the way he described things. I could tell her had a clear picture of the world in his head. Sometimes when I work with students on writing, I ask them things like “How far out in the wilderness are they?” and the students shrug “I don’t know.” It’s so important for a writer to truly see every aspect of their world to make it come to life on the pages, even if all the details in the reader’s head aren’t explicitly on the page.

What is your favorite book today?

I’m an English teacher, and every time a student asks me this, I feel like a parent when their kids ask “Which one of us is your favorite?” Whatever my answer, I feel like I’m betraying several! I’d probably have to say Orwell’s 1984 ranks as my all-time favorite book. I used to teach the book, so I’d read it once per year. What fascinates me about the book is the paranoid nature of the narrative. In some ways, I imagine Winston living in a North Korea-like situation. He’s not being given any actual information about his country or the surrounding world that can truly be trusted: there are conspiracies within conspiracies, and some of them are fabricated to manipulate citizens. He’s even uncertain about the date, and this is compounded by the fact that he knows (and is allowed to know) that he rewrites history for the Party. I love examining the book from a psychological perspective—what causes someone to break? To what extent do we value freedom?—as well as a narrative one. What do we do with a character who is trying to be honest but whose situation makes him possibly unreliable. I feel sorry for Orwell, as it’s easy to imagine his troubled mental state as he wrote the famous work. It’s also interesting to look at the media today and wonder if there is any source that is 100% objective and truthful.

What are you reading right now?

Don’t laugh. It’s a book about training toddlers to be essentially good citizens of the family. It’s a book that was recommended to me by someone. I won’t share the title because I’m not yet sold on the philosophy in it. My daughter—almost two now—is very strong-willed, and I want to make sure I’m thinking through all my decisions and not inadvertently causing certain behaviors. (And if you know me, you’ll understand where she inherited her strong will from :-).)

One book at a time or multiples?

I used to insist on reading only one book at a time. Since I’m a teacher, I have the summers off, and I would often go through one book in a day (or two). I committed to that book for all my reading moments until I finished. But now, with chasing a toddler around, I often have several books cooking at once. This is because I keep one open on my kindle (upstairs), one in the bathroom (a “light” read so I can read while watching her in the bathtub), and often one in the basement in case of downtime.

Dog-ear or bookmark? (don't worry—Librarian Judith won't hold it against you—much)

My husband detests this, but if I can’t immediately grab a bookmark or envelope, I will resort to a dog ear, but only as a last resort. Usually, though, I prefer to leave it open, face down, if I can’t get to a bookmark.

Favorite place to read?

In a hammock under a tree in the summertime with a bowl of blueberries on my stomach for snacking purposes!

Do you loan your books?

If I trust that the reader will enjoy it. It’s not so much that I care if I get the book back; it’s that I want the person reading it to actually read the book and appreciate it.

Favorite book to recommend?

It depends on who the reader is, but I love recommending The Life of Pi so that I can discuss the varied meanings with the reader. That book is personal in its interpretation. Part of the message is that we long for stories to structure our world, whether that story is science or religion or swimming. We make sense of the world in a way that resonates with us. So when hearing a story someone is telling, we must consider the storyteller’s background or purpose as well as our own. Each story changes with each hearer or reader, and ultimately, we are responsible for creating meaning in our lives and choosing what to believe. It’s a powerful message, but it’s deep and elusive. The more people I talk to about the book, the more enlightened I feel about its message.

Re-reader or not?

Only for the classics. As an English teacher, I read the books I teach every year, sometimes several years in a row. I truly enjoy this because I gain new insight each time I read. And I get to annotate these books as well (once, coming back from the Caribbean, an airline decided to chuck suitcases violently onto the belt, and a bottle of rum we had packed ended up spilling and wetting my copy of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I was devastated because some of my annotations ran on the pages, and the book smelled like rum—no longer something I could really bring to school!). I don’t generally re-read books, though, because I don’t trust all authors to build in enough “literary merit” for me to get much out of a second read-through. Some books are meant for entertainment mostly, and in that case the plot is the focus.


Everyone’s heard the legend of the hollow oak—the four-hundred year curse of Sarah Willoughby and Preston Grymes. Few realize how true it is.

Sarah Durante awakens to find herself haunted by the spirit of her high school’s late custodian. After the death of his granddaughter, Custodian Carlton Gray is not at peace. He suspects a sanguisuga is involved—an ancient force that prolongs its own life by consuming the spirits of others. Now, the sanguisuga needs another life to feed its rotten existence, and Carlton wants to spare others from the suffering his granddaughter endured. That’s where Sarah comes in. Carlton helps her understand that she comes from a lineage of ancestors with the ability to communicate with the dead. As Sarah hones her skill through music, she discovers that the bloodlines of Hollow Oak run deep. The sanguisuga is someone close, and only she has the power to stop it.

No good deed goes unpunished when freshman Steffie Brenner offers to give her awkward new neighbor a ride home after her first day at school. When her older sister Ali stops at a local park to apply for a job, Steffie and Madison slip out of the car to explore the park—and Madison vanishes.

Already in trouble for a speeding ticket, Ali insists that Steffie say nothing about Madison’s disappearance. Even when Madison’s mother comes looking for her. Even when the police question them.

Some secrets are hard to hide, though—especially with Madison’s life on the line. As she struggles between coming clean or going along with her manipulative sister’s plan, Steffie begins to question if she or anyone else is really who she thought they were. After all, the Steffie she used to know would never lie about being the last person to see Madison alive—nor would she abandon a friend in the woods: alone, cold, injured, or even worse.

But when Steffie learns an even deeper secret about her own past, a missing person seems like the least of her worries…


She picked up the instrument and set it onto her shoulder. A calmness passed into her, as if the violin exuded energy—as if it had a soul. The varnish had faded and dulled. Its life force did not come from its appearance. She brought the bow to the strings, which was still rosined and ready to play. Dragging the bow across the four strings, she found the instrument perfectly in tune.

Sarah took a deep breath and imagined the song, the way the notes melted into each other in nostalgic slides, the way her spirit seemed to pour from her soul that day.

And then it was happening again.

She had started playing without realizing it. Warm, resonant notes poured from the instrument and spilled into the room. They were stronger, and much more powerful, than those she was used to. This instrument was different than the factory-made one her parents had bought for her. Rosemary’s violin was singing to the world from its very soul. And it was happening just as before. Sarah’s energy flowed from her body, causing her to lose consciousness and gain perspective all at once. She rode the air on a lofty run of eighth notes. She echoed off the ceiling with a rich and resonant vibrato. She flew past the guests, who had all quieted to listen to her music; flew past the table of cold cuts and appetizers and up the darkened staircase, where she resonated against the walls and found her way into the guest room. There, she crept along a whole note and slid into the closet.

As the song repeated, she twirled around in the closet, spinning in a torrent of passionate notes. She searched through the notebooks and books on the floor and on the shelves, searched for an open notebook, for something she could read, something that might make her feel tied to the place. Otherwise, she might spin out of control and evaporate out the window and into the sky. She found her anchor on the floor in the darkest corner of the closet, a large parchment—maybe a poster. The notes spun around her in a dizzying way as she tried to stay still enough to read what was on the paper. It was a difficult task; now, with every beat her body downstairs tried to reclaim its energy.


Teacher, writer, and editor, Val Muller grew up in haunted New England but now lives in the warmer climes of Virginia, where she lives with her husband. She is owned by two rambunctious corgis and a toddler. The corgis have their own page and book series at

Val’s young adult works include The Scarred Letter, The Man with the Crystal Ankh, and The Girl Who Flew Away and feature her observations as a high school teacher as well as her own haunted New England past. She blogs weekly at

The Girl Who Flew Away:

Free preview + discount code:

The Man with the Crystal Ankh:



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Straight Browsing from the Library: Too True to Be Good by Mary E. Thompson

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His life was good…

Zach Bennett was content to go to work, hang out with his family and friends, and entertain a woman once in a while. As his family found love all around him, he was content to stay single. Unattached. Happy.

Besides, he had enough to worry about with a new chef breathing down his neck for his job.

She faced the truth every day…

Gianna Brooks always wanted to work with people. She saw enough growing up to know kids need all the help they can get. They deserved to be safe. Loved. Happy.

Which is why she’s determined to get her new client into a forever home.

But the truth isn’t always good…

The last thing Zach needs is a little girl showing up on his doorstep claiming she’s his. Her social worker hot on her heels, and demanding a place to stay, definitely doesn’t make it any better. Especially with Gianna’s curvy body and bedroom eyes, and his daughter’s sad sweetness, making him consider keeping both of them.

Gianna knows she should run. Zach knows he should send them away. But neither of them can resist the pull toward the other.


Zach pulled in a deep breath and sunk into the couch. Summer was curled up next to him, her little knees digging into his hip. He couldn’t believe it had only been a few days since she appeared. It was starting to feel like she’d been there forever.

Gianna padded into the room. Her hair was tied up, out of her face. He ached to tug it out of the ponytail it was in and run his hands through it, but instead he just smiled.

“She’s asleep already?” Gianna asked with a laugh.

Zach nodded. “Yeah. She had a busy day.”

“Your family has been wonderful with her.”

Zach grinned. His mom took to Summer like she’d always been a part of the family.

“They all love kids.”

“That’s obvious. Summer will be lucky to stay here.”

The thought of Summer staying still scared him, but he had to admit, he was getting used to it. She was a little presence in his life that would keep him on his toes. He was starting to get a true picture of who she was. He liked her. Maybe even loved her.

Was it possible?

Falling in love with a woman was impossible for Zach to imagine, even when Gianna settled on his other side, smelling irresistible from her shower. Lust, yeah. But love? Zach didn’t know love like he felt for Summer before. He never wanted to let her go. He felt like everything was right with her pressed against his side.

Then Gianna asked, “What are you going to do if she’s not yours?”


Mary E. Thompson grew up loving to read, like a good little girl. Many nights she would fall asleep with the flashlight still turned on as she hid under the covers trying to finish the last few pages of a book. As an adult, the light from her ereader means she doesn't need a flashlight, but she still stays up way too late to finish a book.

When Mary's not reading, she's playing with her two kids or living out her own real life romance novel with her hubby. She has a weakness for chocolate, especially when it's paired with peanut butter, and has been known to have a bad day just because there's no chocolate in the house. Unless there’s wine. Then everything is okay.

Mary grew up in Buffalo, New York and swears she's the only local to never ski or snowboard. Soccer was always her sport, with a couple adventures white water rafting and skydiving to keep things interesting. Mary moved to South Carolina for college but missed Buffalo every day. Yeah, she thinks she's crazy, too. She somehow convinced her South Carolina born and bred hubby to return to Buffalo to raise their kids and live out their lives. He’s still not sure what he was thinking.


Buy the book at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, or Barnes and Noble.


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Straight Browsing from the Library: Devil's Gamble by Michele Arris

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Sienna Keller saw how men used her mother, and from an early age she swore she’d never allow it to happen to her. So when she meets smooth-talking billionaire Gavin Crane, who uses his connections to help her art career, she resolves to keep things strictly professional—no matter how gorgeous he is.

Gavin might be the son of the head of the Kavanagh organized crime family, but he wants no part of that life. It’s important to him to prove to Sienna that he’s a good guy. But when she winds up in the hospital with a gunshot wound, he is driven to exact revenge. His father agrees to provide security to watch over her as well as find the man who shot her, but at a cost—Gavin must come back into the family business.

As Sienna begins to let her guard down around Gavin, seeing the kind, caring man he’s always wanted her to see, his secrets begin to pile up. Has she done the one thing she vowed never to do—trusted her heart to the wrong man?


“You have your room keycard?”

She pulled it from her black leather clutch purse. He took it from her, and with a quick swipe at the lock, opened, and stood just inside the room with his back braced flush against the door, giving her a wide area to pass without them making contact.

Just then her cell phone rang. She took it from her purse to view the display and quickly connected. “Hey. Hold on a moment.” Pressing the phone at her chest, she looked at Gavin, whose attention was laser focused on the phone in her hand. “I have to take this.”

“I’ll see you in the morning,” he said with little inflection as he reached to his right and set the keycard on the entry table, then his steady stare held hers briefly. “Sleep well.” He stepped out. The door closed quietly behind him.

Sienna waited for the resounding clank of the door across the hall before she let go a breath, and her pulse managed to calm. Wow. She’d expected he’d ask to come inside. A small part of her, that perverse side of her, wanted him to, only so she could turn him away. Turning down his invitation wouldn’t have been just because she felt he was a player or a pain in the ass on occasion, it was something else, some kind of deeply embedded feeling that her mind fought against.


Award winning author, Michele Arris, writes steamy contemporary romance.

Michele is always plotting out her characters’ next move. Even when she’s not seated in front of her laptop writing about strong-willed, professional heroines and the complex heroes who strive to have them, she’s plotting scenes in her head.

“I love to write story where my characters are guaranteed their Happily Ever After.”

In her spare time, Michele enjoys reading all types of romance genres. She loves paranormal romance as well as historical romances, enjoys watching period classics (Little Dorrit, The Buccaneers, and Persuasion to name a few), actually looks forward to working out, is a holistic enthusiast/vitamin junkie, and spending time with family and friends – simply enjoying life.


Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, BAM, Google Play, or Kobo.

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Straight Chatting from the Library: Sentinels of Night by Anita Dickason

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Why do I write the kinds of books I do?

I write crime thrillers/suspense with a touch of paranormal and light romance. The difficulty with genres is that a book just never seems to fit in one niche. I know mine doesn’t. Still, whatever niche you want to apply, how did it come about? Why not science fiction or historical romance, or any of dozens of other topics. The best answer is that I write about what I know and what I would like to read.

Growing up, I was an avid reader. My era was Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and Perry Mason. Anyone see a trend here? It was all about mysteries, investigations, and sleuths. That influence has continued into my adult and now retirement years. I still love a great mystery, but have added crime thrillers and suspense novels.

Still, just reading wasn’t enough to make the transition to the type of books I write, until you consider my background. I am a retired cop. I have a total of twenty-seven years of law enforcement experience, twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department. During those years I acquired an extensive knowledge about crime and police procedures.

It’s not much of a stretch to see why I would write about crime. It’s what I know. But, where did the paranormal come from and how about that romance? Being a woman, it is not surprising that I would like the spark that a light romance adds to a plot. It can create tension, controversy, all types of emotions that adds depth to the characters.

As for the paranormal, I have always enjoyed characters who had an extra edge to overcome danger and adversity. Add in my infatuation with Native American myths and Irish and Scottish folklore, and you get the backdrop for my characters.

In Sentinels of the Night, the paranormal element came from a Native American myth about owls. They are the guardians of the night and the messengers of death. Dying was crossing the owl’s bridge. In each of my novels, I have tapped into a myth or legend for an unusual twist.

One other element can also be added into the mix; my personal experiences. In the opening scene of Sentinels of the Night, FBI Agent Cat Morgan is chasing a serial killer in a railroad yard in the middle of the night. This incident happened, except I was chasing a man who had stolen a vehicle, and had bailed out and was on the run. I can still remember looking under cars and hopping over tracks. The book also has several other incidents that are based on events that happened when I was a cop.

All in all, it is easy to see the influences that have affected my choice of plots and characters.

Thank you for hosting my book.
Anita Dickason


FBI Tracker Cat Morgan has an unusual talent, one she has successfully concealed, even from her fellow agents. That is—until she finds a body with a strange symbol carved on the forehead during a stop in Clinton, Mississippi and crosses paths with the town’s rugged police chief, Kevin Hunter. Despite his instant attraction to the sexy agent, Kevin is suspicious of her presence at the crime scene and isn’t buying her dubious explanations. He wants her out of the investigation and out of his town.

The discovery of another mutilated body with the same symbol sends Cat back to Clinton, and this time she isn’t leaving. To stop the killer, Cat must find a way to overcome Kevin’s distrust and will face an impossible impasse—truth or lies. But will either one matter, when the killer fixates on her for his next sacrifice?


The air reeked with the stink of marijuana. Blackened matches, remains of joints, empty plastic bags, and beer cans littered the kitchen table and floor. He pushed the burnt stubs around to find one large enough to light. What was left crumbled to ashes. Damn, the weed’s gone.

At least, he still had beer and grabbed one from the refrigerator, cracked the lid, then chugged half the can. Even though the cold liquid eased the raspy pain in his throat, he needed something stronger than beer.

Old prescription bottles filled the drawer under the bathroom sink. He shoved the containers around until he spotted one labeled Vicodin. Yeah, there were still a couple left. His hand trembled as he shook one out and popped it in his mouth. Head tilted back to swallow, his eyes drifted to the mirror over the sink.

The sight caused him to gag, and the pill caught in the back of his throat. Another face overshadowed his image. The gleam of eyes, dark with hatred, stared at him. A tremor of panic made him look over his shoulder. No one was there. JD leaned toward the mirror. The swish of a bat, then a scream echoed in his head. Images flickered, the knife, a face, blood splatters flying in the air, and a voice laughed. Terrified, the can slipped from his hand. Clanking, it rolled around the sink.

He rubbed his hand across the mirror trying to wipe away the image as he shouted, “No, no, you can’t be here, you’re dead.”


Anita Dickason is a retired police officer with twenty-seven years of experience, twenty-two with the Dallas Police Department. She served in patrol, undercover narcotics, accident investigation and was on a sniper on the Dallas SWAT team.

Anita is the recipient of the prestigious Law Enforcement Professional Achievement Award from the State of Texas House of Representatives. Other awards include Officer of the Year—Texas Women in Law Enforcement, Officer of the Year—International Association of Women in Police, Runner-up Officer of the Year—Dallas Police Department, Officer of the Month—Dallas Police Department and multiple Police Commendations, Certificates of Merit and Citizen/Business commendations from the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas community.

Anita was a certified instructor with Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Her instructor certifications include Defensive Tactics, Batons, Spontaneous Knife Defense, Field Sobriety Procedures, Drug Recognition Expert program, and Accident Investigation.

She is a Past President of Texas Women in Law Enforcement, and Past Treasurer for the International Association of Women in Police.

Her first book, JFK Assassination Eyewitness: Rush to Conspiracy, is non-fiction and details the reconstruction of a 1966 vehicle accident near Midlothian, Texas that killed a key witness to the Kennedy assassination. The project opened the door to a new career, Author and Publisher. She owns Mystic Circle Books & Designs, LLC and provides manuscript and design services, helping other authors turn their manuscripts into a published book.

Her fictional works are suspense/thrillers and her plots are drawn from her extensive law enforcement knowledge and experience. Characters with unexpected skills, that extra edge for overcoming danger and adversity, have always intrigued her. Her infatuation with ancient myths and legends of Native American Indians, and Scottish and Irish folklore adds a touch of paranormal for the backdrop of her characters.

The experience of writing led to developing a knowledge of self-publishing and graphic design and a new business endeavor: Mystic Circle Books & Designs, LLC. It is a tossup of what Anita enjoys more, working on her books or helping another author publish their works. She has found an unexpected enjoyment in designing book covers, bookmarks, bookplates, etc. Email her for an autographed custom bookplate --

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Straight Browsing from the Library: Three Rivers Run Deep by Piper Stone

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Danger. It’s all I’ve ever known. All I’ve ever wanted.
Fighting fires soothes the raging beast that war created.
Allowing me to live
The rest? Maybe she can understand my hunger. For her. Dominating her. Owning her.

Danger. Domination. Destruction.

The Jackals

An elite team of smokejumpers nestled in the heart of Missoula, Montana.
By day they indulge in their penchant for danger.
By night they exude passion.
Are you ready for their brand of domination?

Prevent. Protect. Preserve. This is their motto.


“Slow down. You’ll kill us.”

“Stay quiet. You already almost did that,” he snorted.

She bristled but shrunk into the seat. When they cleared the forest and onto a straight away, she gasped. “Jesus Christ.” An eerie orange glow lit up the night sky. “We’re going to that?”

“I am. You’re staying in the truck.” He shot her another look. “Or else.”

“Hold on here. I can do what I want,” she retorted.

“This is dangerous. Do you understand? I’m not going to have you interfering or otherwise attempting to get yourself killed, no matter how much of a pain in the ass you are. I shouldn’t have brought you here, but I don’t think I had a choice. Just do as I say.”

Jessica reared up, thoughts of striking his sexy mug floating in the back of her mind.

“If you get hurt, I’ll be to blame. I can’t have that,” he added, his voice softening.

“Fine. I’ll stay in the truck.” Crossing her arms, she stared straight ahead.

“Good.” Stoker maneuvered down a darkened road, finally making a single turn. “Good God almighty.”

The entire mountainside seemed to be on fire. She craned her neck as perspiration trickled down from her hairline. She slid to the edge of her seat and pressed her hand against the glass. “What in the hell started this fire?” Fire engines and flashing blue lights came into view, sirens screaming as they rolled by.

“You mean who?”


“My thoughts anyway. Won’t know for certain until the fire investigator does his job.” He pulled the truck to the side and killed the engine. Sighing, he didn’t bother to look at her. “I’m serious about this. Stay here. You’ll be in the way and you could get hurt. I won’t be long. God knows I shouldn’t be here.”

“But—” she dared to ask.

“But nothing. I don’t want to see you get yourself injured in any way. You don’t know the terrain or the wild life. I’ll be back in a little while. Then I’ll take you home.”

Wild life. The realization she was smack in the middle of God’s country where the creatures roamed gave her a series of shivers. She opened her mouth but he was already out of the truck. When the door was slammed, the entire vehicle shook. The man was pissed. She thought about his words. Why shouldn’t he be here? Maybe he wasn’t really a fireman. Several people rushed by the truck, giving it a sideways glance. She could swear several were men she’d seen in the bar. One thing was for certain. This was more than she’d signed up for.


Best Selling author, Piper Stone writes in several genres including romantic suspense, thrillers, erotic romance, dark erotic, Domestic Discipline, spanking, Domination and submission and traditional romance. She has a love of the non-traditional, preferring to create worlds that defy the imagination. Wine and sous vide cooking are only second to her love of golden retrievers and you might find all three nestled in the pages of a book or two.

She has several releases from Blushing Books including Truth or Dare, His Demands – Dirty Little Secrets, Submissive For Hire, His Hidden Girl – Dirty Little Secrets, Becoming – Power Exchange and upcoming books Rescue Me – Maverick and the series Fire Devil.

She will also have several releases with Bethany’s Woodshed in the upcoming months.


Dark + Dangerous + Delicious = D3
Literary Emotions Unleashed…

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